Halloween Update

Hey everyone, starting today, Object Wars is celebrating Halloween 🎃!
Discover an exclusive game mode, fight the Halloween monster and try to win. But that's not all, the team deathmatch is also evolving with a host of new balancing and Halloween decorations. Watch out for the fog - it can hide things 👻
So what are you waiting for, dive into Object Wars with your friends!
(The game is now available whenever you want on Itch io: https://noiros.itch.io/object-wars , it's possible to find no players, so don't hesitate to tell your friends)

Content additions / changes

-Added temporary "Halloween Boss" game mode
-Halloween monster added
-Added rotten cheese (Zombies) in Death Match and Halloween Boss game modes
-Addition of the "Plague Doctor" set
-Addition of a new camera mode in the replay system: "Drone centered".
-Experimental function added: player reanimation
-Addition of Halloween decorations in the house and lobby
-New quests added
-Added random skin button in character selection
-Addition of a white mist on the floor
-Thick purple fog added to team deathmatch
-Equipped sights added to ground weapons
-Lobby music changed to Halloween music
In-game music changed to Halloween mood music
-Magnum price change

Bug fixes

-Corrected scope animation when running below 20FPS
-Corrected shield grab animation
-Fixed several bugs in the replay system
-Fixed the bug that prevented animation from launching on JumpPads
-Fixed some bugs related to multiplayer culling
-Fixed visual bug in reloading progress bar
-Fixed bug in some weapon names